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 What is a Romance Scam?

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PostSubject: 12 classic signs of a love scam   Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:21 pm

12 classic signs of a love scam

A love scam is not easy to detect. With most people chatting online
and finding their partners through online dating sites, it is a little
difficult to smell a genuine person from a scammer. But there are
certain classic signs which can indicate that you are dealing with a
scammer and below are a few of them:

1. The scammer readily shows pictures of himself/herself – this
happens even within hours or days of the chat. Most of such pictures
maybe shot with models or friends or accomplices of the scammer.

2. If the scammer poses as a woman, he/she will be sending you photos of herself/himself dressed scantily, in provoking poses.

3. The scammer declares love very quickly. Within a span of days,
which is often impossible even in a physical, real-life relationship.

4. Emails from the scammer are generic and often not addressed to you
by name. This is an indication of the scammer sending such emails to a
number of his/her victims.

5. Often you receive parcels bought by the scammer to your place. The
scammer requests you to mail it to the address mentioned by him/her. If
the goods are stolen stuff, the victim is into great trouble.

6. Most love/romance scammers declare that they are citizens of the
U.S. or U.K. living/traveling in Africa or Russia for a particular

7. The scammer generally takes more time (than the victim) to respond
to chats. This is an indication that the scammer is simultaneously
chatting with a lot of victims.

8. Money comes into the scene very early. As soon as the scammer gets
to know the victim’s interest in the relationship, he/she asks the
victim to help with advance money (which they promise to payback soon)
to meet the victim, seek medical help, buy leave or for some other

9. The scammer tells a lot of “facts” that are not true. For
instance, if a Russian “woman” is the object of the victim’s
affections, she will tell you that it is very difficult for Russian
women to get visa to the U.S.

10. Money transfer, for most of the time, will be requested via Western Union or Moneygram instead of checks, money orders etc.

11. If you send gifts, the scammer will never send photos holding
your gift. This is because, they will never want to reveal their
original identity.

12. Excuses. The scammer will give every other excuse for not giving their landline numbers or physical addresses.

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Posts : 29
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PostSubject: What is a Romance Scam?   Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:20 pm

What is a Romance Scam?

A romance scam is when one person forms an online pseudo-romantic
relationship with another in an effort to try to swindle money out of
them. The victims believe that they are in an actual relationship, only
to later find that they have been conned. The lucky ones are those that
realized what was happening before actually losing any of their money.
Someone that is trying to pull off a romance scam will contact another person by email,
through a dating website or by any other means of communication via the
internet. This person then works on forming a friendship with the hopes
of it eventually leading to a pseudo-romantic relationship. In some
cases, the transition from one level to the other is extremely quick and
the victim believes that he or she is involved in a whirlwind romance.
The scammer then makes the move for money, and in some cases, actually
gets it.
It is important to beware of getting involved in a
romance scam when talking to someone on the internet. The scammer may
use sweet talk to get you to fall in love with him or her and can make
promises of a future together that he or she has no intention of
keeping. Some actually go as far as to propose marriage to keep you
entangled in their lies. These people know how to prey on emotions and
feelings and have no qualms about taking advantage of you to get what
they want.

When trying to pull off a romance scam, elaborate excuses are
used by the scammer in an effort to try to get you to send money. He or
she could ask for money for plane tickets to come and see you, only to
never show up and explain how the tickets weren’t refundable. In some
cases, the scammers even use the excuses that they are having problems
paying for bills or are in a desperate medical situation and need the
money. The requests for money are often followed by the promise to pay
back every cent. Whether they ask for your bank account information, for money to be wired, or for cash or a money order to be sent these are signs that the person you are speaking with isn’t who they say they are.

One way to avoid getting entangled in a romance scam is to be
incredibly cautious of your activity online. If someone is asking for
money, chances are that you’re never going to see a dime of it back
again. You should never send money, no matter what reasons are given for
needing it. In addition, your personal information should be kept
private, as it can be used by the scammers to gain access to your money,
whether or not their requests are initially complied with.

Should you realize that someone is trying to run a romance scam on
you, immediately report him or her to the authorities. Cease any
communication with this person and any incoming correspondence should be
blocked. While love can be a beautiful thing, there are those that try
to take advantage of emotions and a kind heart for their own agenda.
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What is a Romance Scam?
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