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 Is Skype Safe & Secure?

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PostSubject: Is Skype Safe & Secure?   Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:29 pm

Is Skype Safe & Secure?

Skype is a computer utility that lets you communicate via voice
and video to other people using a Skype client over an Internet
connection instead of a phone line, using Voice over Internet Protocol,
or VoIP. Skype has some for-fee features, but its computer program is
free to use. The client implements a number of security options to help
you control your own information, but also makes sure that transmitted
data is secure through various means of encryption.

Profile Option

Skype gives you the option to fill out a personal profile where you
can add information like your name, email address, place of residence,
website and more. This is designed to help people such as friends and
family find you easier. However, this is completely optional, and is not
required to use the service. (If you choose to fill out nothing, people
will have a much more difficult time finding your account.)

Personal Security Options

The client's control panel lets you choose your own privacy levels.
In the settings you can choose who is allowed to contact you through
chat and text, and even whether you want your status to be shown on the
Web. You can set it to accept contact from anyone, or only people you
have on your contact list, or only people you have shared your contact
details with.

Contact Options

You can block any user at any time to prevent them from contacting
you or seeing if you're online. You can also set your status to
"Invisible" to prevent anyone from seeing if you're online at all,
though you can still contact anyone you want without showing that you're
online to anyone else.


Skype uses 256-bit encryption on both its audio/video calls and
text chats. This ensures that no one can "listen in" on your
conversations or view any of its information unless they're actually a
part of that conversation. In addition, all user profiles use a digital
signature, which essentially identifies each Skype user to prevent
fraudulent access to your information.

Extra Software

The download of the Skype application contains no adware, spyware or other security-compromising applications.

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Is Skype Safe & Secure?
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